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Ancient Stone1.6
Ape Fur1.2
Badger Fur0.65
Bamboo Stick1.12
Banana Sash0.68
Basalt Fetish2.1
Basalt Figurine2.1
Bat Wing1
Battle Stone1.5
Bear Paw1.2
Behemoth Claw12.5
Black Hood1.75
Black Wool1.18
Blazing Bone2.2
Blood Preservation0.8
Bloody Dwarven Beard0.7
Bloody Pincers1.2
Blue Piece of Cloth5
Boggy Dreads1.69
Bone Shoulderplate2.2
Bonecarving Knife1.2
Bonelord Eye5
Bony Tail0.92
Book of Necromantic Rituals3.58
Book of Prayers1.5
Brimstone Fangs1.12
Brimstone Shell1.12
Broken Crossbow1.3
Broken Draken Mail2
Broken Gladiator Shield6.4
Broken Halberd2.1
Broken Helmet1.56
Broken Key Ring0.5
Broken Shamanic Staff1.28
Broken Slicer1.4
Broken Throwing Axe11
Brown Piece of Cloth5
Brutus Bloodbeard's Hat12.5
Bunch of Troll Hair0.85
Bundle of Cursed Straw2.27
Carniphila Seeds0.4
Carrion Worm Fang0.9
Centipede Leg0.7
Cheese Cutter0.45
Cheesy Figurine0.75
Chicken Feather0.1
Cliff Strider Claw2.2
Cobra Tongue0.8
Colourful Feather0.36
Compound Eye1.65
Corrupted Flag1.1
Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear10
Crab Pincers1.75
Crawler Head Plating2.65
Crystalline Spikes3.4
Cultish Mask1.7
Cultish Robe2
Cultish Symbol0.82
Cursed Shoulder Spikes1
Cyclops Toe1.11
Damselfly Eye1.5
Damselfly Wing1.2
Dark Rosary0.9
Deadeye Devious' Eye Patch1.5
Deepling Breaktime Snack2.4
Deepling Claw1.8
Deepling Guard Belt Buckle2.6
Deepling Ridge1.8
Deepling Scales4.8
Deepling Warts2.4
Demon Dust1
Demon Horn10
Demonic Essence1
Demonic Skeletal Hand1.3
Dirty Turban1.34
Downy Feather0.32
Dracola's Eye15
Dragon Claw12.5
Dragon Priest's Wandtip1.6
Dragon's Tail2.5
Draken Sulphur0.68
Draken Wristbands0.78
Draptor Scales2
Dung Ball1.9
Dwarven Beard0.5
Egg of the Many50
Elder Bonelord Tentacle0.8
Elven Astral Observer1.12
Elven Scouting Glass0.8
Elvish Talisman1.1
Energy Soil2.5
Essence of a Bad Dream1
Eye of a Deepling2.4
Eye of a Weeper0.9
Eye of Corruption0.93
Eye Patch1.5
Ferumbras' Hat8.5
Fiery Heart1.2
Fish Fin1.2
Flask of Embalming Fluid0.75
Frost Giant Pelt2.5
Frosty Ear of a Troll1.8
Frosty Heart1.7
Gauze Bandage1
Gear Crystal0.95
Geomancer's Robe1.3
Geomancer's Staff1.22
Ghastly Dragon Head12
Ghostly Tissue0.5
Ghoul Snack1.4
Giant Eye1.2
Girlish Hair Decoration0.5
Glimmering Soil2.5
Glob of Acid Slime0.1
Glob of Mercury0.1
Glob of Tar0.1
Goblin Ear0.75
Green Dragon Leather0.6
Green Dragon Scale0.8
Green Piece of Cloth5
Hair of a Banshee0.46
Half-Digested Piece of Meat1.2
Half-Eaten Brain0.6
Handmaiden's Protector35
Hardened Bone6
Haunted Piece of Wood2.3
Hellhound Slobber0.8
Hellspawn Tail1.3
Hideous Chunk1.6
High Guard Flag1.1
High Guard's Shoulderplates1
Hollow Stampor Hoof1.8
Holy Ash1.9
Huge Chunk of Crude Iron50
Humongous Chunk1.9
Hunter's Quiver1.32
Hydra Egg2
Hydra Head13
Iced Soil2.5
Imperor's Trident80
Iron Ore2
Jaul's Pearl3.1
Jewelled Belt1.24
Key to the Drowned Library1.2
Kollos Shell4.6
Kongra's Shoulderpad1.4
Lancer Beetle Shell1.07
Legionnaire Flags2.2
Lion's Mane1.8
Lizard Essence1.5
Lizard Leather0.5
Lizard Scale0.8
Lost Basher's Spike2.2
Lost Bracers2.9
Lost Husher's Staff8
Luminous Orb0.94
Lump of Dirt0.7
Lump of Earth1.2
Mad Froth1.6
Magma Clump3.1
Mammoth Tusk6
Mantassin Tail1.15
Marsh Stalker Beak1.1
Marsh Stalker Feather0.3
Metal Spike0.5
Minotaur Horn1.11
Minotaur Leather0.4
Morgaroth's Heart35
Mr. Punish's Handcuffs25
Mutated Bat Ear1.75
Mutated Flesh2.5
Mutated Rat Tail1.4
Mystical Hourglass1
Natural Soil2.5
Necromantic Robe2.3
Nettle Blossom0.9
Nettle Spit0.9
Noble Turban1.44
Nose Ring5
Obujos' Shell2.8
Orc Leather0.5
Orc Tooth1
Orcish Gear1.8
Orshabaal's Brain35
Panther Head1.5
Panther Paw1.5
Peg Leg5
Pelvis Bone1.3
Perfect Behemoth Fang5
Petrified Scream1.5
Piece of Archer Armor1.1
Piece of Crocodile Leather1
Piece of Dead Brain1.3
Piece of Draconian Steel5
Piece of Hell Steel5
Piece of Hellfire Armor2.5
Piece of Massacre's Shell65
Piece of Royal Steel5
Piece of Scarab Shell1.4
Piece Of Swampling Wood3.5
Piece of Warrior Armor1.1
Pig Foot1
Pile of Grave Earth0.98
Plasmother's Remains30
Poison Spider Shell1.3
Poisonous Slime0.8
Polar Bear Paw1.5
Protective Charm1.2
Pulverized Ore1.7
Purple Robe2.3
Quara Bone1.44
Quara Eye0.8
Quara Pincers1.2
Quara Tentacle1.07
Red Dragon Leather0.6
Red Dragon Scale0.9
Red Hair Dye2.1
Red Lantern3
Red Piece of Cloth5
Ron the Ripper's Sabre25
Rope Belt0.97
Rotten Piece of Cloth0.6
Safety Pin0.5
Sandcrawler Shell0.75
Scale of Corruption0.93
Scarab Pincers2.3
Scorpion Tail1.2
Scroll of Heroic Deeds0.79
Scythe Leg1.5
Sea Serpent Scale1.5
Shaggy Tail1.1
Shamanic Hood0.9
Shiny Stone1.56
Silky Fur1.2
Skull Belt1.16
Skull Shatterer3.8
Skunk Tail1.1
Slime Mould3
Small Flask of Eyedrops0.5
Small Notebook0.8
Small Pitchfork1.1
Snake Skin1
Sniper Gloves4
Soul Orb0.2
Soul Stone0.3
Spellsinger's Seal1.9
Spider Fangs0.5
Spider Silk0.1
Spidris Mandible2.38
Spiked Iron Ball1.3
Spitter Nose1.9
Spookey Blue Eye0.86
Stampor Horn1.5
Stampor Talons1.7
Stone Nose2.6
Stone Wing1.5
Strand of Medusa Hair2.3
Striped Fur2.4
Sulphurous Stone1.42
Swamp Grass0.9
Swampling Moss2.7
Swarmer Antenna1
Tail of Corruption0.93
Tanjis' Sight2.2
Tarantula Egg0.4
Tattered Piece of Robe0.7
Tentacle Piece3
Terramite Legs1.15
Terramite Shell1.5
Terrorbird Beak1.17
The Lethal Lissy's Shirt20
Thick Fur1.3
Turtle Shell5
Undead Heart0.8
Unholy Bone1.3
Vampire Dust1
Vampire Teeth0.5
Vein of Ore3.6
War Crystal1.45
Warmaster's Wristguards1.2
Warwolf Fur1.1
Waspoid Claw2.15
Waspoid Wing0.99
Weaver's Wandtip1.7
Werewolf Fur1.1
White Deer Antlers3
White Deer Skin3
White Piece of Cloth5
Widow's Mandibles1.1
Wimp Tooth Chain2.4
Winged Tail4.5
Winter Wolf Fur1.1
Witch Broom3.3
Wolf Paw0.8
Wyrm Scale1.8
Wyvern Talisman2.3
Yellow Piece of Cloth5
Zaogun Flag1
Zaogun Shoulderplates1
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