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ÍconeNomePesoQuest relacionada
Almanach of Magic55.6 
Ancient Rune3 
Baby Rotworm0.5 
Blank Poetry Parchment2 
Blue Note2.5 
Book (Family Tree)13 
Botany Almanach15 
Bottle of Bug Milk2.8 
Bowl of Evergreen Flowers11 
Bowl with Sacred Water10 
Building Plans for a Ship1 
Bunch of Winterberries0.2 
Burning Heart4 
Case of Rust Bugs1.7 
Ceremonial Ankh5 
Cobrafang Dagger6 
Cockroach Leg0.1 
Coral Comb4.5 
Corned Fish5.1 
Crimson Sword (Uzgod)36 
Crystal Arrow1 
Damaged Steel Helmet46 
Dark Essence2.6 
Deed of Ownership1.5 
Demon Infant12 
Dry Piece of Wood2.05 
Dwarven Pickaxe60 
Ectoplasm Container6The Explorer Society; Into the Bone Pit
Elemental Crystal3.2 
Elven Poetry Book13The Explorer Society
Enchanted Chicken Wing10 
Envelope from the Wizards0.5 
Eternal Flames2.5 
Exquisite Silk0.1 
Exquisite Wood5 
Faded Last Will2 
Family Brooch1.1 
Fan Club Membership Card1.5 
File AH-X17L8913 
Fine Vase9.4 
Flask of Crown Polisher1.1 
Flask of Plant Poison1.8 
Flask of Poison1.8 
Flask of Warrior's Sweat3 
Flask With Beaver Bait1.8 
Flask With Paint1.8 
Flawless Ice Crystal2.5 
Fleshy Bone2 
Flexible Dragon Scale0.8 
Gear Wheel0.1 
Ghost Charm9 
Ghost's Tear10 
Giant Ape's Hair20 
Goldfish Bowl (Theodore Loveless)32 
Golem Blueprint1.2 
Golem Disassembler15 
Golem Head30 
Golem Part0.4 
Handcrafted Ribbon0.5 
Hat for Eclesius (Escuro)1.1 
Hat for Eclesius (Madeira)1.1 
Hat for Eclesius (Rosa)1.1 
Headache Pill0.2 
Heart of the Sea3.9Liquid Black
Helmet (Morik)46 
Holy Icon5 
Ice Pick70 
Interdimensional Potion1.8Wrath of the Emperor
Jean Pierre's Cookbook I15 
Jean Pierre's Cookbook II15 
Jewel Case (Nomad)1.7 
Jug of Embalming Fluid7.5 
Letter from the Wizards0.5 
Letter to Eremo0.5 
Lottery Ticket (em branco)1.2 
Lump of Clay10 
Lump of Sacred Clay10 
Machine Crate80 
Magic Crystal1.4 
Magic Sulphur1 
Magical Torch18 
Mago Mechanic Core1.4 
Map to the Unknown6.8 
Marked Crate80 
Mechanical Fish7.5 
Medicine Pouch12 
Memory Stone2.5The Explorer Society
Metal Fitting2.5 
Midnight Shard3 
Mother Soil2.5 
Mystic Root0.6 
Nature Magic Spellbook58 
Nautical Map8.2 
Old Iron2.22 
Orc Tusk10 
Ornamented Ankh5 
Package of Potions36 
Parchment (Poesia)2 
Piece of Royal Satin5 
Plans for a Strange Device2.5 
Present Bag80 
Pure Energy2.5 
Rabbit's Foot0.98 
Rabbit's Foot Lucky Charm0.98 
Rare Crystal3 
Replica of the Sceptre14 
Rolling Pin (Rookgaard)5 
Rotten Heart of a Tree45 
Rough Red Gem0Liquid Black
Sacred Bowl10 
Sacred Bowl of Purification10 
Sacred Coal10 
Sacred Earth10 
Sample of Sand Wasp Honey0.8 
Sample of Venorean Spice5 
Sceptre Part (cabo)12.1 
Sceptre Part (esmeralda)0.4 
Sceptre Part (ponta)1 
Scribbled Sheet of Paper2.5Wrath of the Emperor
Scum Bag9 
Serpent Crest5 
Signet Ring0.8 
Skull of a Caveman21.8 
Slime Gobbler10 
Snake Destroyer66 
Snake Sceptre14 
Soul Contract1.5 
Special Flask (White Raven)1.8 
Spectral Cloth5 
Spectral Dress10The Explorer Society
Spectral Stone2.5The Explorer Society
Spirit Container6 
Spool of Yarn1 
Strange Powder5 
Striker's Favourite Pillow17 
Strong Sinew0.35 
Suspicious Documents1.5 
Sword Hilt9 
Tactical Map2 
Tarantula Trap0.1 
Technomancer Beard0.5 
The Dust of Arthei1 
The Dust of Boreth1 
The Dust of Lersatio1 
The Dust of Marziel1 
The Ring of the Count0.8 
The Tail of The Keeper4.5 
Tome of Knowledge15 
Universal Tool3 
Unworked Sacred Wood  
Vampiric Crest5 
Very Old Piece of Paper2 
Weapons Crate75 
Winning Lottery Ticket1.2 
Worm Punisher64.5 
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